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TAG Declaration on Iran’s Human Rights Abuse in the Media

October 3, 2009

Following are postings in the Media of News reports and articles related to the Transatlantic Group on Counter Terrorism (TAG) Declaration on Iran’s abuse of Human Rights as we’ve received them

Counter Terrorism Blog:

History News Network:

Analysts Network:

European Foundation for Democracy (EFD):

Canada Free Press:

The American Thinker

The New Media Journal

The New English Review:

Op Eds
“World Must Sustain Push Against Iran’s Human Rights Abuses”
“In the end, as the world will be convinced that the oil-rich authoritarians in Tehran won’t budge on their expansionist agenda, what will be left would be a reliance on how Iranians will rise against this dangerous regime. All will depend on how and when the international community would help the forthcoming democratic revolution.” [ Visit Website ]
Oct 1, 2009, 15:25

In Arabic
Cited in al Muharer’s report on the Transatlantic Group declaration on Iran’s human rights abuse
TAG was cited in the weekly al Muharer’s report on the Transatlantic Group declaration on Iran’s human rights abuse. “The Transatlantic Legislative Group on Counter Terrorism is unique as it includes lawmakers from Europe, the United States and Canada, all interested in a dialogue on the root causes of Salafi and Jihadi Terrorism.” Al Muharer published the entire declaration by international legislators on Iran’s abuse of human rights in Arabic.” [ Visit Website ]
Oct 2, 2009

In as siyassa: ” “International legislators: Iran must be removed from UN Human Rights Council”
TAG was cited and quoted in the Kuwait daily as siyassa as one of the coordinator of the Trans Atlantic summit of legislators in Washington DC. Legislators ask UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon to remove Iran’s regime from the Geneva based Human Rights Council.” [ Visit Website ]
Oct 2, 2009
 n Arabic
Cited in al Muharer’s report on the Transatlantic Group declaration on Iran’s human rights abuse
TAG was cited in the weekly al Muharer’s report on the Transatlantic Group declaration on Iran’s human rights abuse. “The Transatlantic Legislative Group on Counter Terrorism is unique as it includes lawmakers from Europe, the United States and Canada, all interested in a dialogue on the root causes of Salafi and Jihadi Terrorism.” Al Muharer published the entire declaration by international legislators on Iran’s abuse of human rights in Arabic.” [ Visit Website ]
Oct 2, 2009, 18:00

On Radio Free Iraq:


International Lawmakers Sign Historic Declaration Condemning Iran’s Human Rights Abuses

September 29, 2009

Release: Washington DC, Brussels. September 28, 2009

Summary: Find an important declaration issued by members from the US Congress, the European Parliament and the Canadian Federal Parliament condemning the Iranian regime for abusing the human rights of its people. The Declaration was issued by the newly formed “Transatlantic Parliamentary Group on Counter Terrorism” (TAG) which includes lawmakers from both sides of the Atlantic. TAG is co-chaired by US Rep. Sue Myrick and MEP Jaime Mayor-Oreja The Iran declaration will be sent to all members of legislatures in the West and to the United Nations
 Trans-Atlantic Parliamentary Group on Counter Terrorism Issues a Declaration Condemning Human Rights Abuse in Iran and Calls for an International Investigation  
TAG 9 09 11
(WASHINGTON, DC) — On Tuesday, September 22, 2009, Members of the US Congress, Members of European Parliament and a Member of the Canadian Parliament signed an historic document condemning Iran’s continued human rights abuses.  This document was signed at the second Trans-Atlantic Group on Counter Terrorism, or TAG, summit hosted by TAG co-chairs US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09) and Member of European Parliament Jaime Mayor Oreja (EU-Spain).  “This is historic because it is the first document signed by a group of international lawmakers addressing the Iranian regime’s human rights atrocities against the Iranian people,” said US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09), who is also the Co-Chair of the US Bipartisan House Caucus on Counter Terrorism. “We are keeping a close watch on the Iran nuclear weapons situation, but this will not cause us to forget the human rights atrocities committed by the Iranian regime.  We say to the Iranian people who continue their fight for freedom, ‘We have not forgotten you. We stand with you”. At the signing session which took place inside the US Congress, MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja, who serves as the Vice President for the EPP at the European Parliament, said “it is the first time that legislators from both sides of the Atlantic are coming together to address the threats of Jihadi terror. We are pleased to have accomplished this first step and other important steps will follow.” Oreja oversees the European Ideas Network (EIN), the Policy Think Tank of the EPP.

 Members of Congress who signed this declaration include: Sue Myrick (NC), Kay Granger (TX), Paul Broun (GA), Bill Shuster (PA), Ed Royce (CA), and former Congressman Bud Cramer (AL). 

 Members of the European Parliament who signed this declaration include: Mr. Jaime Mayor Oreja (Spain), a former Minister of Interior, Mrs. Corien Worthmann-Kool (Netherlands), Mr. Timothy Kirkhope MEP (UK), Mr. Othmar Karas (Austria), Mr. Marian Jean Marinescu (Romania), and Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides (Cyprus), a former Foreign Minister.

 Canadian MP Irwin Cotler, a former Minister of Justice, also joined the delegations and signed the declaration.  

 In addition, a number of former legislators and experts have participated in the meetings leading to the declaration.

 The declaration calls on:

 1)      The government of Iran to put an immediate end to the abuses of its citizens’ human rights;

  2)      The U.N. Secretary General to dispatch a team of investigators to Iran to inquire about the human rights abuses and report back their findings to the international community.  We urge this team to visit political detainees in prisons, meet with the leaders of the opposition and with the demonstrators to present a full picture of abuse taking place; 

  3)      Our respective governments of the United States, the European Union and Canada, and on the United Nations, to investigate the so-called “Basij militia” for alleged abuse of human rights;

  4)      The United Nations Human Rights Council to freeze the membership of Iran until a full investigation by the Council and the U.N. Secretary General on the mass scale abuse of human rights in Iran is completed; including the identification of those inside the Iranian regime responsible for issuing the orders to commit the atrocities.  Iran should not be allowed to remain on the Human Rights Council when it does not defend human rights within its own border.    

The goal of TAG is to create a working relationship between legislators from Europe and North America to address terrorism and the threat it poses to democracies.  The first TAG summit was held April 30, 2008, in Washington, DC.  The second TAG summit helped solidify the strong counter-terrorism trans-Atlantic partnership among lawmakers.  

At the summit, lawmakers discussed how democracies can address terror threats, not as individual countries, but as an international community.  TAG Members also selected Dr. Walid Phares, from the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and Guillermo Martinez-Casan, from the European Ideas Network, as the TAG co-secretary general.

 In the US, the declaration was issued by Rep Myrick’s office. 230 Cannon House Office Building         

For Information on TAG contact the Secretariat General in Washington and Brussels

TAG Summit in Washington will address developing Terror crises

September 19, 2009

Washington DC and Brussels,

A source from the Secretariat General of the Trans Atlantic Legislative Group on Counter Terrorism (TAG) confirmed that the European, American and Canadian legislators who will be meeting in a summit in the US Congress this week to examine the global Western strategies to counter radicalization and Terrorism inside Democracies and internationally will address “emerging crises” as well. The sources said a draft of a resolution on Iran’s uprising and the use of the Basiji militia to intimidate civil society has been circultaed among the members of TAG. Also the draft slated for discussions during the summit includes recommendations on battlefields situation such as in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The sources added that  the legislators will address the spread of Jihadist ideologies in Europe, Canada and the United States, in light of the discoveries of cells made over the past few months. Last, the sources expected TAG legislators to examine the possibility to address the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on the subject of the ideological root causes of Jihadi terror.

“This is the first time since 9/11 where members of Western legislatures are coming together to address Jihadism as a common threat to their democracies,” added the sources. 

Below: Reminder of Terror attacks in New York, Madrid and London


News about TAG Second Summit in Washignton

September 17, 2009
Following are news stories posted about TAG’s second summit in Washington DC
More items will be posted soon 

Second Trans Atlantic Legislative Summit on Counter Terrorism in Washington DC

August 11, 2009




                              Second Summit in Washington DC  

                                           September 22, 2009

The Transatlantic Group on Counter Jihadi Terrorism (TAG) will hold its second summit in the US Congress on September 22, 2009.  

The Transatlantic Group, TAG, was launched by members of the European Parliament led by MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja and members of the US Congress led by Rep. Sue Myrick during the Winter of 2008. The first summit was held in Washington DC in April of 2008 and the following joint declaration of principles was issued:                

The principal goal of the Transatlantic Group TAG is to maintain a dialogue between legislators from Europe and the United States regarding strategic security threats in general and the Jihadi Terror threat in particular to democracies. The Group will be open to membership from Canada and other democracies as well.  The Third summit of TAG is planned to take place in Brussels by the end of 2009. 

The second summit will be attended by a European delegation formed by the Presidency of the EPP Group and two other members of the European Parliament. The EPP Group due to attend includes  its President, Mr Joseph Daul, (MEP, France) and its Vice Presidents, Mr Jaime Mayor Oreja (Spain), Mrs Corien Worthmann-Kool (Netherlands), Mr Joseph Szajer (Hungary), Mr Manfred Weber (Germany), Mr Voti Bonsignore (Italy), Mr Othmar Karas (Austria), Mrs Rumiana Jeleva (Bulgaria), Mr Paulo Rangel (Portugal), Mr Marian Jean Marinescu (Romania). In addition, the delegation will be joined by Mr Gunar Hokmark MEP  (Sweden) and Mr Timothy Kirkhope MEP (UK).

For the first time since TAG launching in April 2008, a Canadian legislator will join the summit. MP Erwin Cotler, former Minister of Justice will be part of the event in Washington, bringing a thurd legislature to TAG’s activities.

The members invited to attend from the US side are:  

From the House of Representatives: Kay Granger (R-Texas) (founding Member of TAG) John Shadegg (R-Arizona) (founding Member of TAG), Former Member: Bud Cramer (D-Alabama) (founding Member of TAG), Sue Myrick (R-North Carolina) (founding Member of TAG), Mike McCaul (R-Texas), Dennis Moore (D-Kansas), Doc Hastings (R-Washington), Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), Steve Rothman (D-New Jersey), Adam Smith (D-Washington), Thaddeus McCotter (R-Michigan),  John Carter (R-Texas), Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania), Brad Sherman (D-California).

Senators: John Kyl (R-Arizona), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma).

Tentative Program

Opening Session: “The Transatlantic Solidarity against Terrorism”

Welcome by the Secretariat General of TAG

Mr Joseph Daul, The European Parliament 

Mrs Sue Myrick, US House of Representative 

Mr Jaime Mayor Oreja, The European Parliament

Closed Working Session : “TAG’s next steps and projects”

Report 2008-2009 by Dr Walid Phares Co-Secretary General

Discussion and resolutions on initiatives:

Counter Radicalization Project

Declaration on Islamophobia and Jihadization

Letter to the OIC

Letter to the UN

The Iran situation 

12:30 PM – Lunch –

Afternoon Sessions: Officials from the US State Department, Department of Justice, Homeland Security, Pentagon and other agencies, diplomats, and experts will be invited to attend.  

2 PM  General Working Session: “International Jihadi Threats”

Discussion of the Terror strategies and counter strategies in Afghanistan,  Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia and Africa

European and American legislators will address the various issues in their respective realms

 3 PM General Working Session: “Transatlantic Terror Threats”

Discussion of Terror strategies and counter strategies inside Europe and the United States 

European and American legislators will address the various issues in their respective realms

 4 PM Closing and Adjourning

 4: 10 PM (Tentative) Press Conference by MEP Joseph Daul, Rep Sue Myrick and MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja  

 Meetings with members of the Media can be arranged after the Press Conference. 


 European Parliament Members: Co-Secretary General Guillermo Martinez Casan

US Congress Members: Andy Polk, Rep Sue Myrick Office

 TAG Program and Media: Co-Secretary General, Dr Walid Phares

Invitation addressed by  

TAG Co-Chair, MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja from the European Parliament

TAG Co-Chair, Rep. Sue Myrick   from the US Congress

Trans Atlantic Parliamentary Group on Counter Jihadi Terrorism

July 27, 2009

The Trans Atlantic Parliamentary Group on Counter Jihadi Terrorism, known also as “TAG” has launched its Official Press Releases web page linked directly to its official web site.

The “TAG PR” will post official Press Releases by the Group, by legislators members of the group, its chairpersons and the two co-secretary generals of TAG.

“TAG PR” will also post comments by TAG officials and sources and immediate reactions to developments worldwide related to Jihadi based Terrorism, violence, radicalization, strategies, declarations or any issue of interest to TAG.

“TAG PR” invites members, their staff, NGOs and the media to read the material posted here and contact us via the web blog for speed considerations.

We will constantly improve the “TAG PR” page hoping to interact with the largest number of interested persons, groups and institutions.

Dr Walid Phares – Co-Secretary General, TAG

Myrick Hosts Moderate Muslim Summit

July 23, 2009
U.S. Rep. Sue Myrick

Representing North Carolina’s Ninth District


July 23, 2009

Contact: Taylor Stanford
(202) 225-1976

Myrick Hosts Moderate Muslim Summit

(Washington, DC) – Leaders from eight moderate Muslim organizations met on Monday with US Agency heads, Members of Congress and congressional staff at the US Capitol. These meeting were part of an historic Moderate Muslim Summit organized by US Representative Sue Myrick (NC-09). The summit was a first of its kind because it assembled the largest group of diverse Muslims in the US Capitol to discuss issues and policy impacting Muslim communities and societies.

At the summit, Muslim leaders were able to meet with representatives from the State Department, USAID, the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense in order to emphasize the importance of having a diverse Muslim voice when addressing Muslim communities and societies. They shared their thoughts and opinions on US foreign policy and aid, and how the US government can do a better job at reaching out and hearing from a more diverse group of Muslims rather than just the largest Muslim organizations who represent a minority opinion in the Muslim community.

“I’ve been working with many of these leaders for several years now,” said Rep. Myrick. “They give us valuable input on policy and provide us with new ideas on how to stamp out extremism in their communities and societies around the word. We set up this summit so we could introduce them to other Members of Congress and US agencies in hopes they will use them as a resource as well. It was very successful and I believe this summit was the first step to empower these leaders so that they will be a strong force in helping our government in combating radical Islamists and extremism”.

Leaders from the following organizations were present at the Summit:

  • Dr. Hedieh Mirahmadi- President World Organization for Resource Development and Education (WORDE)
  • Zeyno Baran- Director for the Center for Eurasian Policy at the Hudson Institute
  • Farid Ghadry- President of the Reform Party of Syria
  • Manda Zand Ervin the founder and director of the Alliance of Iranian Women
  • Dr. Ali H. Alyami- Executive Director, The Center for Democracy and Human Rights in Saudi Arabia
  • Omran Salman- Arab Reformists Project, ‘Aafaq (Arabic for “horizons”).
  • Dr. Zudi Jasser, American Islamic Forum for Democracy
  • Karim Bromund, Director of Inter-Religious Affairs for the Islamic Supreme Council of America

Dr Walid Phares, Senior fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, and academic advisor to the Congressional Anti-Terrorism Caucus, moderated the summit.


230 Cannon House Office Building Fax (202) 225-3389

Media Hits on Congressional Letter to President Obama Regarding His Speech in Cairo

June 15, 2009

Arab Media

Letter published in a main article in the Pan Arab daily al Siyassa, of Kuwait. All members cited.

Letter published on Arab reformer sites/publication Aafaq. All members cited.

Report aired on Radio Free Iraq

Egyptian Media

Al Mesriyun (The Egyptians), an influential daily, published the letter without comments.

The letter was quoted by one of the largest Egyptian newspapers al Masry al Yom (Egypt Today) here:

The Letter was published by a central news agency (by subscription only) for Arab Americans

Coptic Egyptian Media

A leading Coptic Web site posted the letter here and then posted the Fox News segment about the letter here.

English Media

The letter published in Family Security Matters

Letter posted on the Israel Forum

The Investigative Project

Letter published on Jihad Watch


Fox & Friends, Fox News Channel, June 6, 2009

Kurdish Media

Interview with VOA Kurdish

Interview Aired on VOA Kurdish

Lebanese Media

Published on Cedars Revolution site

Congressional Letter asks President Obama to address Islamist Ideologies and human rights in his speech to the “Muslim World”

May 29, 2009

Washington DC, Mideast Newswire, May 29, 2009

Following is a letter signed by ten members of the US House of Representatives and sent today to President Obama. In this powerful letter the legislators ask the President to include important points in his speech to the Muslim world on June 4, from Cairo.

The Congressional letter reminds the President that he needs to raise the following main ideas:

1. That the world threat are the extremist-Islamists (known as Wahabis and Khomeinists). That the Muslim world must declare al Qaeda and the Taliban as a menace against Humanity

2. That oil rich Governments in the region must help the poor segments of their own societies

3. That the US must commit to help the dissidents and democracy groups in the region

4. That the Muslim world must help Darfur against the criminal regime in Sudan

5. That Lebanon should not be abandoned to Hezbollah

6. That any solution to the Israel-Palestinian problem must be found through a mutual recognition of the state of Israel and any future Palestinian state.

7. That the charge of “Islamophobia” must be rejected

8. That Pakistan’s efforts against the Taliban should be supported

9. That non-Muslim minorities inside the Muslim world must be protected in as much as Muslim minorities in the West are protected.

10. That the Muslim Government must be reminded of the gigantic effort by the United States to save Muslims endangered around the world and of the significant foreign aid and humanitarian assistance sent to Muslim populations in need.

I think this is one of the most important letters issued by legislators under the Obama Administration to make sure US policy serves the interests of democracy and freedom around the world. It is important that this letter initiates a debate on the US relations with the Muslim world before the President arrives to Cairo for the delivery of the speech.

Walid Phares


May 28, 2009

President Barack Obama

The White House

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

Washington, DC 20500

Dear Mr. President:

As you prepare to address the “Muslim world” on June 5th from Egypt, we ask that you remain mindful of the power of your words. You have the ability to inspire the countless individuals who wither under the control of repressive governments, encourage Middle Eastern governments to engage important issues, and remind the world of America’s commitment to protecting religious freedom for all people of faith, including Muslims.

The Middle East has historically been a place of religious pluralism and cultural diversity. However, groups espousing extremist ideologies based upon Wahabbism and Khomeinism have marginalized and repressed both non-Muslim and Muslim women, youth, reformists, pro-democracy advocates, human rights activists, as well as ethnic and religious minorities. Groups such as the Taliban and al Qaeda, whose ideology is intent on dividing humanity between Muslims and non-Muslims, have killed countless individuals, including Muslims, in an effort to overthrow Middle Eastern governments and weaken other non-Muslim governments.

Based on these facts, we urge you to call upon all governments to join the international community in declaring al Qaeda and the Taliban a threat to humanity, and urge them to fight these radical Islamists.

We also ask you to urge Middle Eastern governments to relentlessly lend their support to the marginalized, weak, and oppressed segments of their societies by recognizing the universal importance of basic human dignity.

In a recent opinion piece published in The Washington Post, Nobel Laureate Desmond Tutu proclaimed that “repression cannot be rewarded; the voices of those it has silenced must be heard as if the walls of their jails did not exist.” It must be made clear that the United States will stand with all those that are oppressed around the world, from the Baha’is in Iran to the imprisoned blogger in Egypt.

Countless dissidents can attest that their lives improved when their plight was raised publicly by leaders in the West. The pressure put on the Egyptian government by Members of Congress and the Administration following the imprisonment of famed Egyptian dissident Dr. Saad Eddin Ibrahim helped lead to his eventual release in 2003, after almost three years in prison. We therefore ask you to raise the individual cases of dissidents that languish in the prisons, and others that face persecution, to assure them that they are not forgotten by the American people. We ask you to advocate for the region’s struggling religious minorities as is consistent with our own rich tradition of religious freedom.

We ask you to call upon the governments of the Middle East to commit to defend freedom and democracy in pluralistic Lebanon, and to call for a stop to political assassinations and a disbarment of militias within their borders. We urge you to ask the Arab League to help the mostly Muslim population of Darfur, which is subjected to a genocide at the hands of a regime whose president is under indictment by the International Criminal Court. We urge you to ask them to help Pakistan in its war against the Taliban, al Qaeda, and other terrorist organizations. We ask you to call on the Organization of Islamic Conference to abandon its goal of imposing so-called “Defamation of Religions” laws which will repress reformists and groups seeking democracy in Muslim and non-Muslim societies alike.

We urge you to ask the governments of the Middle East to commit to a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict via a two states solution based on a mutual recognition between Israel and any Palestinian state-to-be. The starting point for this should not be Israeli concessions, but the recognition of Israel and its right to exist.

Please remind your audience that while the international community is committed to help Muslim minorities around the world, including those in India, Russia, China, and the West, at the same time we must ensure that all other minorities inside the “Muslim world” are granted their basic rights. We urge you to ask them to discuss the root causes of what they call “Islamophobia,” particularly the rise of radical Islamist ideologies, which have generated tensions and violence worldwide among Muslims and non-Muslims alike. We urge you to ask them to help Egypt fight the scourge of terrorism and stand by its own Coptic minority, often targeted by extremists’ violence. We urge you to ask them to speak out against radical Islamists all around the world and not condone their behavior with complacency.

We urge you to highlight the contributions of the American people to ameliorate suffering in Muslim communities around the world. For example, the United States military saved countless lives in the hours and days immediately following the tsunami that ravaged Indonesia. Similarly, our military forces were the first on the scene to deliver humanitarian relief and medical treatment to Pakistan in 2005 when that country was hit by a terrible earthquake. In fact, your Administration recently announced $100 million in aid to provide relief to the Pakistani people who are affected by the effort to rout Taliban extremists in that country. These are efforts of which the American people can be proud, and which your speech could rightly highlight.

Similarly, your speech can remind the Muslim world of U.S. efforts in the Bosnia and Kosovo conflicts to prevent Muslim massacres and ethnic cleansing, as well as American efforts in Iraq and Afghanistan which liberated 50 million people, mostly Muslim, from the jaws of Saddam Hussein’s dictatorship and the cruel violence of the Taliban terror regime.

Mr. President, you have a great opportunity to engage and inspire Middle Eastern governments and Muslims around the world with your words. We urge you to consider including these important recommendations in your speech.

Sincerely yours,

________________________ ________________________

Frank Wolf

John Shadegg

Sue Myrick

Ted Poe

Zack Wamp

Trent Franks

Dan Burton

Paul Broun

Joe Pitts

Patrick McHenry

Sue Myrick

John Shadegg

Frank Wolf

Trent Franks

Zack Wamp

Ted Poe

Paul Broun

Patrick McHenry

Joe Pitts

Dan Burton

EIN Policy Roundtable on Terrorism and Security

September 20, 2008




This important meeting of WG9, chaired by Jaime Mayor Oreja, benefited from the presence of outstanding speakers: Franco Frattini, Gilles de Kerchove, Rafael Nieto Loiaza and Walid Phares.

It underscored two overarching issues: the ongoing work to define the ideology of Jihadism (essential for making effective policy) and the primacy of the EPP-ED’s relationship, especially in his field, with the USA. WG9 reaffirmed that the commitment to work for a strong Trans-Atlantic partnership remains, whoever becomes the next US President. Indeed, this commitment has been strengthened since 30 April 2008 when the chair of WG9 and other members met in the Library of Congress in Washington DC to formally establish the Trans-Atlantic Legislative Group on Counter-Terrorism together with Congresswoman Sue Myrick (R) and Congressman Bud Kramer (D).

Read the rest here.