TAG Summit in Washington will address developing Terror crises

Washington DC and Brussels,

A source from the Secretariat General of the Trans Atlantic Legislative Group on Counter Terrorism (TAG) confirmed that the European, American and Canadian legislators who will be meeting in a summit in the US Congress this week to examine the global Western strategies to counter radicalization and Terrorism inside Democracies and internationally will address “emerging crises” as well. The sources said a draft of a resolution on Iran’s uprising and the use of the Basiji militia to intimidate civil society has been circultaed among the members of TAG. Also the draft slated for discussions during the summit includes recommendations on battlefields situation such as in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The sources added that  the legislators will address the spread of Jihadist ideologies in Europe, Canada and the United States, in light of the discoveries of cells made over the past few months. Last, the sources expected TAG legislators to examine the possibility to address the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) on the subject of the ideological root causes of Jihadi terror.

“This is the first time since 9/11 where members of Western legislatures are coming together to address Jihadism as a common threat to their democracies,” added the sources. 

Below: Reminder of Terror attacks in New York, Madrid and London


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