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Second Trans Atlantic Legislative Summit on Counter Terrorism in Washington DC

August 11, 2009




                              Second Summit in Washington DC  

                                           September 22, 2009

The Transatlantic Group on Counter Jihadi Terrorism (TAG) will hold its second summit in the US Congress on September 22, 2009.  

The Transatlantic Group, TAG, was launched by members of the European Parliament led by MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja and members of the US Congress led by Rep. Sue Myrick during the Winter of 2008. The first summit was held in Washington DC in April of 2008 and the following joint declaration of principles was issued:                

The principal goal of the Transatlantic Group TAG is to maintain a dialogue between legislators from Europe and the United States regarding strategic security threats in general and the Jihadi Terror threat in particular to democracies. The Group will be open to membership from Canada and other democracies as well.  The Third summit of TAG is planned to take place in Brussels by the end of 2009. 

The second summit will be attended by a European delegation formed by the Presidency of the EPP Group and two other members of the European Parliament. The EPP Group due to attend includes  its President, Mr Joseph Daul, (MEP, France) and its Vice Presidents, Mr Jaime Mayor Oreja (Spain), Mrs Corien Worthmann-Kool (Netherlands), Mr Joseph Szajer (Hungary), Mr Manfred Weber (Germany), Mr Voti Bonsignore (Italy), Mr Othmar Karas (Austria), Mrs Rumiana Jeleva (Bulgaria), Mr Paulo Rangel (Portugal), Mr Marian Jean Marinescu (Romania). In addition, the delegation will be joined by Mr Gunar Hokmark MEP  (Sweden) and Mr Timothy Kirkhope MEP (UK).

For the first time since TAG launching in April 2008, a Canadian legislator will join the summit. MP Erwin Cotler, former Minister of Justice will be part of the event in Washington, bringing a thurd legislature to TAG’s activities.

The members invited to attend from the US side are:  

From the House of Representatives: Kay Granger (R-Texas) (founding Member of TAG) John Shadegg (R-Arizona) (founding Member of TAG), Former Member: Bud Cramer (D-Alabama) (founding Member of TAG), Sue Myrick (R-North Carolina) (founding Member of TAG), Mike McCaul (R-Texas), Dennis Moore (D-Kansas), Doc Hastings (R-Washington), Mac Thornberry (R-Texas), Steve Rothman (D-New Jersey), Adam Smith (D-Washington), Thaddeus McCotter (R-Michigan),  John Carter (R-Texas), Bill Shuster (R-Pennsylvania), Brad Sherman (D-California).

Senators: John Kyl (R-Arizona), Joe Lieberman (I-Conn.), Tom Coburn (R-Oklahoma).

Tentative Program

Opening Session: “The Transatlantic Solidarity against Terrorism”

Welcome by the Secretariat General of TAG

Mr Joseph Daul, The European Parliament 

Mrs Sue Myrick, US House of Representative 

Mr Jaime Mayor Oreja, The European Parliament

Closed Working Session : “TAG’s next steps and projects”

Report 2008-2009 by Dr Walid Phares Co-Secretary General

Discussion and resolutions on initiatives:

Counter Radicalization Project

Declaration on Islamophobia and Jihadization

Letter to the OIC

Letter to the UN

The Iran situation 

12:30 PM – Lunch –

Afternoon Sessions: Officials from the US State Department, Department of Justice, Homeland Security, Pentagon and other agencies, diplomats, and experts will be invited to attend.  

2 PM  General Working Session: “International Jihadi Threats”

Discussion of the Terror strategies and counter strategies in Afghanistan,  Pakistan, Iraq, Iran, Lebanon, Somalia and Africa

European and American legislators will address the various issues in their respective realms

 3 PM General Working Session: “Transatlantic Terror Threats”

Discussion of Terror strategies and counter strategies inside Europe and the United States 

European and American legislators will address the various issues in their respective realms

 4 PM Closing and Adjourning

 4: 10 PM (Tentative) Press Conference by MEP Joseph Daul, Rep Sue Myrick and MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja  

 Meetings with members of the Media can be arranged after the Press Conference. 


 European Parliament Members: Co-Secretary General Guillermo Martinez Casan

US Congress Members: Andy Polk, Rep Sue Myrick Office

 TAG Program and Media: Co-Secretary General, Dr Walid Phares

Invitation addressed by  

TAG Co-Chair, MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja from the European Parliament

TAG Co-Chair, Rep. Sue Myrick   from the US Congress