Trans Atlantic Parliamentary Group on Counter Jihadi Terrorism

The Trans Atlantic Parliamentary Group on Counter Jihadi Terrorism, known also as “TAG” has launched its Official Press Releases web page linked directly to its official web site.

The “TAG PR” will post official Press Releases by the Group, by legislators members of the group, its chairpersons and the two co-secretary generals of TAG.

“TAG PR” will also post comments by TAG officials and sources and immediate reactions to developments worldwide related to Jihadi based Terrorism, violence, radicalization, strategies, declarations or any issue of interest to TAG.

“TAG PR” invites members, their staff, NGOs and the media to read the material posted here and contact us via the web blog for speed considerations.

We will constantly improve the “TAG PR” page hoping to interact with the largest number of interested persons, groups and institutions.

Dr Walid Phares – Co-Secretary General, TAG


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