Media Hits on Congressional Letter to President Obama Regarding His Speech in Cairo

Arab Media

Letter published in a main article in the Pan Arab daily al Siyassa, of Kuwait. All members cited.

Letter published on Arab reformer sites/publication Aafaq. All members cited.

Report aired on Radio Free Iraq

Egyptian Media

Al Mesriyun (The Egyptians), an influential daily, published the letter without comments.

The letter was quoted by one of the largest Egyptian newspapers al Masry al Yom (Egypt Today) here:

The Letter was published by a central news agency (by subscription only) for Arab Americans

Coptic Egyptian Media

A leading Coptic Web site posted the letter here and then posted the Fox News segment about the letter here.

English Media

The letter published in Family Security Matters

Letter posted on the Israel Forum

The Investigative Project

Letter published on Jihad Watch


Fox & Friends, Fox News Channel, June 6, 2009

Kurdish Media

Interview with VOA Kurdish

Interview Aired on VOA Kurdish

Lebanese Media

Published on Cedars Revolution site


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