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FTP Hosts a Trans-Atlantic Panel with Members of the United States Congress and the European Parliament

April 30, 2008

TAGDr. Walid Phares, director of FDD’s Future of Terrorism Project, along with the Anti-Terrorism Caucus co-chairs Rep. Sue Myrick (NC), Bud Cramer (AL), and Kay Granger (TX), co-hosted a delegation of Members of the European Parliament.

Through a series of meetings hosted and moderated by Dr. Phares, MEPs Jaime Mayor Oreja (Spain), Pia-Noura Kauppi (Finland), Timothy Kirkhope (UK), Gunnar Hökmark (Sweden), Jana Hybáskava (Czech Republic) and U.S Representatives Sue Myrick (NC), Bud Cramer (AL) and John Shadegg (AZ) discussed policies that could be implemented to more effectively combat the global threat of terrorism and win the war of ideas.

The second part of the meetings was open to guests. Rep. Sue Myrick (R-NC) and MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja (Spain) delivered opening remarks while Dr. Walid Phares served as a moderator of the panel that included a short address by MEP’s, United States Representatives and other experts in the field such as Professor Anthony Glees (EIN Rapporteur), Jochen Richter (President of CDU Brussels Deputy Head of Cabinet, European Commission) and former MEP Guillermo Martinez-Casan (EIN Network Centre).

At the conclusion of the event, Dr. Phares addressed the group on an upcoming UN Conference Durban II, and Michael Inlander, an adjunct fellow at European Foundation for Democracy, briefed the audience on breaking events taking place at the Durban II preparatory meetings, currently taking place in Geneva.

*In the photo: Former MEP Guillermo Martinez-Casan (Advisor, EIN); MEP Jana Hybáskava (Czech Republic); MEP Timothy Kirkhope (UK); Pia-MEP Noura Kauppi (Finland); MEP Gunnar Hökmark (Sweden); MEP Jaime Mayor Oreja (Spain); Dr. Walid Phares (Director, FTP); U.S Repr. Sue Myrick (NC); Rep. Bud Cramer (AL); Rep. John Shadegg (AZ); E.J. Kimball Foreign Policy Counsel (Office of Rep. Myrick); Adela Zachariades (Manager, FTP)